Violence against Women is a daily occurrence in Nigeria – Secretary General, WRAPA

The National Assembly needs to be more proactive in proposing bills that would protect women’s rights and also, ensure the bills are passed into law as women rights activists are on the rising.

Today, speaking at Barcelona Hotel on women’s violation and gender inequality, the secretary General, Women’s Rights Advancement and protection Alternative (WRAPA) said that Nigeria is yet to live up to its commitments and promises in fighting violence against women.

She said “Nobody can deny not to have experience violence in one way or the other it’s either your affected or infected, when a woman activist express her feelings on how she has been molested, it looks like she is over exaggerating”.

Nigeria has no excuse for a lot of things that has evaded in the country such as marginalisation of women, women trafficking, early marriage and many more. “We need to go back to the National Assembly and plead for appropriation and implementation of these laws to be fully passed” she added.

We need to face this fact because it is a reality and this has haunted so many souls to their early grave. Violence against women, discrimination is a daily activity that occurs in our society.

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