Trouble for Anambra criminals as Obiano deploys CCTV

Following the rising spate of crimes and criminalities across Nigeria, Anambra State has adopted the CCTV technology to check this menace.

Anambra State Governor, Willie Obianodisclosed this to State House Correspondent after the inaugural National Economic Council Meeting in Abuja on Thursday. 

He expressed optimism that the new development will go a long way in curbing crime and criminalities in the state. 
This will go a long way in really pinning this down, in respect to addressing petty crimes and all kinds of criminality,” he said.

Adding that the technology will help with convictions at the courts, as you can go back, down memory lane if you know the date of what happened to slowly access who did what, and in what circumstance. 

Governor Obiano said, he visited a company that manufactures CCTV in Boston to purchase some of the equipment. 
Obiano said the CCTVs were procured from VG and C in BostonUnited States of America.

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“About six months ago, I visited the VG and C a company in Boston that manufactured the CCTV that was used in to discover eventually the guys that did the Boston bombings, and we purchased quite some of the equipments.” 

Obiano noted that unlike the CCTV used in the US, which runs on diesel, the ones purchased by his government are solar driven considering their cost effectiveness. 

“These things will use solar so that you don’t have to burn diesel. The ones in the US were diesel based so they have to manufacture the technology for Anambra using solar because of the cost-effectiveness of solar.”

He highlighted some of the features of the CCTVs to include 26 pixels lens power, stressing that only authorized personnel will have access to their passwords.

The (CCTVs) have brain and it is uploaded real time to the cloudthey have two eyes, and each eye will see 3 football fields, and they are real time. Whether you have light or not, they will pick you at over 26pixels. 


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