REVEALED: How Nigerians are planting time-bombs for future generation

A waste management expert who specializes in design and manufacture of waste disposal machineries, Keluo Chukwuogo, on Friday in Abuja stated that Nigerians are creating an uninhabitable environment for the future generation.

He stated that Nigerians through indiscriminate waste burning are polluting the environment in a manner that will harm existence of the children yet unborn.

“Waste should not be dumped were they are usually being dumped right now in various burrow pits all over the country by various governments.” He warned.

He added that, “the danger of such dumping that is being done right now, is that we are laying time-bombs for the generations yet unborn.”

He advised governments, individuals and corporate bodies within the country to embrace cleaner way of waste disposal by using modern waste disposal technologies rather than the traditional methods being used right. This he said will over time create and eco-friendly environment where all beings can exist harmoniously.

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