What President Buhari told his Ministers-Designate

What President Buhari told his Ministers-Designate

President Muhammadu Buhari has told ministers-designate that the expectations of Nigerians from the government are high and urged them to be the vehicle that will drive the change he promised Nigerians before he was elected President.

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In his opening remarks at a presidential retreat for the ministers-designate held at the State House Conference Hall, Abuja, Buhari told them to count themselves privileged to have been chosen among millions of Nigerians at this historic time to be the instruments that would deliver the change he promised.

At the retreat which began a day after he received the official report of the ministerial screening and confirmation The president said: “The work of restoration and renewal is urgent and immense.

“The expectations of Nigerians are high. Our determination to succeed and change the fortunes of our country must be equal to the challenge.

“I have invited you to join me in this urgent mission for our country. I am convinced that in accepting this invitation you are also equally determined to take part in this patriotic undertaking.”

Buhari reminded them that his  election as president  was hinged on his promise to tackle corruption, insecurity and revive the economy.
Reiterating the point he made at his inauguration about the uniqueness of this moment for the country and for Nigerians, Buhari told the ministers-designate that they came on board the ship of governance at an interesting time.

Buhari said: “Shakespeare’s words ring true for us as they did when he first wrote them centuries ago.

“There is a tide in the affairs of men Which taken at the flood leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, And we must take the current when it serves, Or lose our ventures.”

He said: “So much has been said about the state of our economy.  It is expected that we make the running of Government at all levels as lean as possible, avoid waste and conserve resources.

As Ministers, you must be the vehicle that will administer the change.
“Our main task is to turn our manifesto promises to practice and results. Over the next two days I expect you to have a better understanding of the context in which we have taken the challenge of serving our country, as well as the strategies we have adopted to tackle them. I would also expect you to be even more determined to work as a team, and to live up to the high standards of probity and integrity which Nigerians expect of us.”

Buhari said that his administration had already taken deliberate measures to plug leakages of government revenue and resources.
Highlighting some of the actions taken by his government and what would be the focus of the government, Buhari said: “You all know the steps we have taken to tackle Boko Haram. We have degraded them and in desperation, they are resorting to attacks on soft targets, killing innocent people.

“Diversification of the economy away from oil will be a major focus of this government. We will intervene in mining and agriculture and upgrade the country’s physical and social infrastructure, which will broaden our revenue base and significantly improve the level of employment, especially among the youth. Our economic focus will be policies that will ensure inclusive growth and we will count our achievements based on the number of Nigerians we move out of poverty.”

He told them that  clear and effective communication at all levels was vital in modern management.

“You must keep in touch with your fellow ministers and share information, so that the conduct of government will be more efficient,” he added.

He left a firm instruction to the ministers to always route  all communication and appointments to the Presidency through the Office of the Chief of Staff.

On the retreat, the president noted that it marked  their  first official contact with the machinery of government.

He said: “It is important that you are fully acquainted with the direction and priorities of this Government so that we can all move together as a team.

“The objective of this retreat is clearly reflected in the choice of topics which you will be dealing with during the sessions.

“The need for observing the rule of law is being emphasized to ensure that impunity is removed from government conduct.”

The retreat was attended by  the vice-president and all the ministers-designate.

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