PDP raped Nigeria, says APC

The ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, has accused the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, of eating up the country’s resources in the 16 years it spent in power.

APC National Publicity Secretary, Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu, speaking at a press conference in Abuja, also alleged that the PDP frustrated efforts of the ruling party to enhance the fortunes of Nigerians for the over three years it has governed so far.

He also said the ruling party had recently launched a vicious campaign, ahead of the general elections, but noted that its roaring didn’t last. Issa-Onilu also alleged that the leaders of the PDP were now ashamed to identify with the party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, hence the abrupt halt of its electioneering campaigns. He said: “It has joyfully ended up as the bleating of a goat.

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Perhaps, the pun is intended as PDP is actually a goat that spent 16 years eating our yams. “The year 2018 was significant in many ways. Importantly, we witnessed in this past year the shameful attempt by the political predators to launch themselves back into reckoning.

“Those who were roundly rejected by Nigerians in 2015 for their grievous crimes of corruption, impunity, and maladministration once again struggled to rise up from the dungeon the people of this country had dumped them.

“They were fierce and reckless in their wicked attempt to return to power to continue their primitive appropriation of our commonwealth for themselves and their immediate family.

“The actions from these elements who have raped our nation for close to two decades were disruptive to the course of progress being vigorously pursued by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.

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