What Oshiomole plans to do to saboteurs in APC

What Oshiomole plans to do to saboteurs in APC

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Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, has said aggrieved members of the party are leaving because they no longer have access to money to loot as in previous governments.

Oshiomhole stated this in Abuja on Thursday July 26 in Abuja while hosting APC caucus of the House of Representatives.

His address was a reaction to gale of defections that have hit the party in the past three days, while more members are expected to dump the party in coming days to return to mainly the opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP.

He said: “I come from a state where we call PDP that believes that rural people should be neglected and rural roads should be abandoned because once you cannot reach the rural communities, then it is easier to rig election on their behalf in the urban centres. We will have to create and Institute of Progressives Studies so that whoever is in this party, a member or a leader must understand what we stand for.

“If we are bonded together on the basis on set of ideas or ideology, it will be difficult for people who subscribe to this ideology to decamp on the basis of not gaining for his pocket rather than not delivering to the welfare of the Nigerian people. Until we get there, this Vilico chair will continue.

“I said the other day, and I believe it, that if you are a man or a woman of honour, you cannot in the morning vomit all of those impurities in your stomach, and then, in the afternoon, because you are not getting a buffet, you convert that vomit to a lunch and eat it with your eyes open.

“You have to be completely bereft of ideas and anything such as honour to be able to do that and look your people in the face. And, I say to those who say are going to PDP. Go, that is where is where you belong.

“If you left there because you thought that the culture of sharing the money would be deep in APC and you have found that sharing the money is not part of it, and you choose to return. Goodluck. But, you must know that the access to CBN has been cut off, the access to NNPC has been cut off, the access to cutting defence funding to private pocket has been cut off, and that those who have done it are helping security agencies to explain.

“Pit latrines have been opened where buried dollars have been extracted, and people are vomiting right, left centre…”

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