Nigeria’s Economic diversification is taking root — Osinbajo

The Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo has said that diversification of the economy is taking root in Nigeria.

Osinbajo in media chat at the 2017 Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce SMEs Conference on Thursday said that everyone has come to discover that Nigeria is just so blessed, so much in terms of resources and that young entrepreneurs are already exploiting the opportunities.

“I am always excited to see how extremely innovative and just how energetic our own manufacturing community is and there is just a wide range of products that we have seen here today.

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“One of the things that strikes you is that there is so much going on that you don’t even know about. This is my second visit, I was here last year for this exhibition and there is tremendous improvement already. I am just seeing someone who has a drying technology out there which could really help with a lot of post-harvest losses and all that. There are people who are doing all manner of creative things, it is fantastic.

“It just tells you that what we are saying about diversification of the economy especially the agro-processing, agro-allied value chain, it is already taking root so much and we are seeing tremendous progress.

I am really proud of what these young entrepreneurs are doing, I like going round to see what they are doing,” he said.

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