Nigerian women yet to take advantage of free vaccines from govt- WAVA

Women Advocacy for Vaccine Access (WAVA) urged Nigerian women to ensure
their children are given vaccines to help combat child morbidity in the

The message was shared through a workshop organized by WAVA hosting NGOs
and women across the country on Thursday in Abuja. The organization
educate women by inviting NGOs to inform women in their communities about
free vaccines provided by Government to keep their children safe and set
aside their cultural beliefs, myths, superstitions and take their children
for immunization.

Women are also advised to take their children to Health Care centers for
immunization first to see if the condition is medical before seeking other

In an interview with Oak TV, Mrs. Chika Offor, the Managing Director of
vaccine Network of Disease Control said routine immunization is free and
it has been provided by the Government for all children therefore, mothers
have to be informed that vaccines are given in the first one year of a
child’s life are completely free from polio to yellow fever.

Mrs. Zuwaira Mohd, a participant said through the workshop it has come to
her attention that vaccines are free and she will do everything she can to
let people in her community in Kano know so that Kano’s status as a polio
free State would remain intact.

Through the workshop, women are made advocates for vaccine access and they
are urged to educate other women in their community and throughout the

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