Meet Nigerian baseball star who can’t speak English, local dialect

Meet Nigerian baseball star who can’t speak English, local dialect

There is a growing concern that many Nigerian languages are on the verge of going into extinction. And the concern is real essentially because of a pervasive loss of attraction for anything local by young people. And this includes their languages. Not a few young persons can communicate fluently, read or write in their mother tongue. It has been reported that about 80 per cent of children between the ages of two and 25, who were born and raised in Nigerian cities, cannot speak their parents’ dialect.
Many Nigerian parents now prefer to communicate with and teach their children in English Language rather than their native languages. The result of this is the increasing number of younger generations who cannot speak their mother tongues. At the rate at which it is going, it won’t be very long before our languages die an unnatural death.

Though some literate Nigerian parents are guilty of this at home, much more are those in the diaspora. A typical case is that of Nigerian-Japanese born Louis Okoye.

Louis Okoye is a fast rising professional baseball star in Japan. The 19-year-old plays as an outfielder for the Tohoku Rakuten golden eagles in the Japanese top division league. His father is Igbo from Anambra and his mother hails from Japan.

The teenager speaks Japanese fluently but surprisingly, Louis Okoye cannot utter a word in English nor his father’s tongue, Igbo.
When the youngster visited Nigeria in December, 2016 for the first time with his mother and sisters. Oak TV was only able to communicate with him through the help of an interpreter.

Okoye visited Nigeria to share his career experience with His country men and women from 29th December, 2016 for the first time, and will stayed till early January, 2017. During his visit, the Nigerian Baseball/Softball Federation held an interactive session which included Exhibition mini-match in honour of the visiting baseball star at the Baseball field, National Stadium Complex in Abuja,

It was expected that the Nigerian Baseball/Softball team players would benefit from the knowledge of the professional player.

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