Why Nigeria must adopt cattle ranching system — Agric Minister

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh said
the Federal Government is planning on building ranches to reduce the
herdsman conflict in Nigeria.

The Minister said: “The meat we eat especially the cow meat have
deficiencies. Which is why we are working on ranches not just to stop the
conflicts between herdsmen and farmers but because cows will be better
treated if they are grown in ranches.”

Ogbeh also said: “We are generally now complaining that we are hungry and
that is true but they say you are what you eat; they also say that food is
the most important medicine any human being could consume.”

“It is sad to say that our eating habit in this country do not really
reflect the essentials of nutrition. Our diet is heavily carbohydrate;
Cassava, yams, rice.”

He said carbohydrate is primarily in cassava, with a bit of calcium, some
vitamin c but no Vitamin A which is why the Ministry of Agriculture is
distributing vitamin A improved cassava to Nigerians.

“We eat a lot of rice. Rice unfortunately contains a certain element of
arsenic. Arsenic is quite poisonous if taken in large volumes. A research
carried out in India shows that if you keep growing rice on the same plot
of land for years. The volume of acerbic going into the rice increases.”
said the Minister.

“Carbohydrate alone is not good for human nutrition. We don’t have enough
vegetables in our diet; very few of us eat fruits.”

He begged Nigerians not to eat moin-moin wrapped in cellophane because the
temperature in which the moin-moin was cooked in Cellophane releases
dioxin has gotten into the food.

He also said pure water stored in temperature higher than 28 degrees is
poisonous; grains preserved under the temperature of 40 degrees are
harmful as they are poisonous and can affect the health adversely.

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