Nigeria to commence mining of recently discovered ‘world class’ Nickel in Kaduna

The Chairman of Stainless Steel Importers, Seller & Installers Association
of Nigeria,  Gerry Ehieze, said the Steel industry have been able to raise
N3 billion and 7,000 people in the last two years.

He said this at the first stakeholders meeting of Stainless Steel
Importers, Seller & Installers Association with Minister of Trade and
Investment in Abuja on Thursday.

Ehieze said the industry has achieved even though they’ve not explored
just 7% out of the infinite benefits that the steel could offer.

Ehieze also said the Federal Government plan to diversify the economy is
not eminent even in agriculture. He said during this time of economic
meltdown it is important to consider the Steel Sector as a major player in
turning the economy around.

He also said steel is used everywhere by people from birth till death and
we are surrounded by steel.

Ehieze also said toothpicks, washing machines, architectural masterpiece
in the world, implants used for medical purposes and jewelries worn by
women are made from Steel.

He also said that if Nigeria start producing steel the country would
become the hub for West African and North African Countries and it would
help reshape the economy.

The Deputy Assistant Director of Steel, Ime Ekrikpo said the steel
industry is still at its infantile state and the industry is privatized.
He said the Ministry of Solid Minerals is restricted to enabling an
environment for the private sector to effectively steer the wheel and
develop the sector.

He also said the discovery of nickel in Kaduna shows Nigeria needs to look
for things that will move the Country from where we have been and where we
should be.

He also mentioned that the mining sector which delivers the raw materials
for steel making is being restructured and efforts are being made by the
Federal Government to diversify the economy.

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