Mysterious teen girls wrap Hyena in dance festival with no hurt

Hyenas or hyaenas are wild cats that belongs to the family Hyaenidae. Despite being used for display in some parts of the world particularly in Africa, the animal is yet to fulfill all domestication requirements.

In Nigeria, traditional artists popularly called “Masu Wasan Kura” are often seen performing with both spotted and stripped Hyenas. The art is said to be inherited or learned from experts. In Northern Nigeria, a popular display with Hyena is seen at the “Rawar Wasan Kura” show. Rawar Wasan Kura, simply translated as “dance of the Hyena”, focuses on the use of Hyenas for a dazzling show.

The dance is fast, energetic and done with acrobats. It is performed by young men who dress colourfully and have bead strapped to their ankle.

The most thrilling aspect of the dance is when the dancers carry hyenas on their backs and dance with them. Another thrilling activity is that the Hyenas are forced to wrestle with the young men, while teens are allowed to play and talk with Hyenas. Stunts such as; putting a head, and hands inside the mouth of the beast is another fascinating thing about Rawar Wasan Kura.

The most amazing thing in all these performances, the hyena does no harm to anyone. However, some other people believe that these Hyenas have been hypnotized

With this display by Masu Wasan Kura, some questions that need to be answered include: Are Hyenas tamed or domesticated? Would you allow your teens to dare the beast? The question as to whether Hyenas are domesticated is a question for wildlifers and Zoology experts.

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