Maryam Sanda threatened to cut Bilyamin’s manhood in my presence – Witness

Ibrahim Mohammed, friend of late Bilyaminu Bello, who was allegedly killed by his wife Maryam, told the court on Thursday that Maryam had tried to stab her husband several times during a fight the couple had on the same day he was killed.

The witness who only speaks Hausa, but gave his testimony through an interpreter, said he was with the deceased from 3:00 pm until 1:00 am on the day he was killed.

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“He (Bilyaminu) called me by 3:00 pm to meet him at the mechanic workshop where he took his car for repairs. We came back to his house by 7:00 pm. We sat in the parlour, watched television and took shisha until after 8:00 pm. We were still sitting in the parlour when his wife came to call him. After a while, he came back. Again, his wife came to call him. He climbed upstairs and stayed for a long time without coming down.

“Then I started hearing noise coming from upstairs. Later, Sadiya, (Maryam’s house help and the  4th defendant) came to tell me that Maryam is calling me. I followed her. When I got upstairs, Maryam and Bilyaminu were holding each other’s cloth. I asked what the problem was and asked them to stop. Maryam told me that I should tell Bilyamin to divorce her first. She said she would not go anywhere till he divorces her. I continued my plea.  When I realized that she didn’t have much strength again, I held her hand and removed it from his cloth. After I did that, there was a groundnut bottle by the side which she picked up and hit on the wall. She wants straight for Bilyamin but I held her hand. Bilyamin came from behind, held her and collected the broken bottle. After he went downstairs, I closed the door and continues to beg Maryam. She said she would not stop except Bilyaminu divorces her that same night or else she would cut of his private part. I begged her to hold on until tomorrow and that both families will be called to settle the matter. If they cannot settle it, then the divorce can follow. She said No!

“Later, Bilyaminu came back upstairs and entered the room. She followed him. She quickly picked up a bottle of a scent, broke it on the table and approached him. Bilyaminu fought back, pushed her on the bed and went downstairs. Maryam followed him. She went into the kitchen and I followed her. She picked up she picked up a knife which I collected from her hand. She picked up another table knife which I also collected. Maryam attempted to pick up knives three or four times but I prevented her.

“I was standing by the kitchen door when I saw Sadiya coming downstairs. I quickly asked her to call Maryam’s mother. she said she didn’t have the number. I asked her to call Maryam’s brother Aliyu. She siad she didn’t have Aliyu ’s number but she had Auta’s number. Auta is the last child of Maryam’s mother. She called him and I collected the phone from her. I told him I am Ibrahim, Bilyaminu’s friend. Then I told him there was a problem between Bilyaminu and Maryam and that he should come. He said he would come.

“I took my phone and called Abba Bello, Bilyaminu’s brother. I told him there was a problem and he should come. He said someone took his car, but he would come.

Not long, Auta came. Maryam stood up and started crying that she wants to be divorced. Auta said there should not be a divorce. While Maryam was talking to Auta, I went to Bilyaminu and asked him if we should go out. He said yes, that we should go to the ATM because he wants to withdraw money to go to the mechanic. He showed me the spot where Maryam had bitten him.

“While we were out, he said we needed to find a place to dress his wound. We went to a pharmacy. After dressing the wound, we left the pharmacy and went back to the house.

“When we got back, Maryam was not at home. We sat in the sitting room to watch Tv, then Maryam came in. She climbed upstairs playing with her baby. Not long after, Usman Aliyu, brother to Bilyaminu, came to the house. He sat with us to watch TV. Maryam Peeped from the dining area saw us and went back. Then Usman Aliyu said we should leave the house so that Maryam would not say we held her husband. Bilyaminu said he would not allow us to leave until he performs his Ishai prayer.

Usman Aliyu insisted that we left. I picked up Bilyaminu’s phone which Maryam had broken so that I would repair it. He put his sim card inside my phone.  H went into the guest toilet to perform ablution. He said he would call me and come to my house the next day.

“On my home, I was very worried, so I parked outside the estate and told Aliyu Usman what happened before he came. He said if he has known that there was a problem, we wouldn’t have left the house. I told him to go back to the house pretending like he forgot something, and if there was no fight, he should leave. He advised me to call Bilyaminu’s number, which I did 3 times but there was no answer. I assumed that he was praying and that he would call back. Usman and I parted ways and I went to my house.”

 “Between 30 minutes and one hour later, Abbah called me that I should come to Maitama Hospital because Bilyaminu was dead. I went there and met Bilyaminu lying on a bed in front of the hospital. There was a hole in his chest near the heart, around his neck, at the side of his mouth and bite on his stomach. There was a cut on his thigh and there was a sign of stitching on him,”

We decided to keep the corps in the mortuary, then go to the police station. In the hospital, Maryam’s family and Bilyaminu’s family were there. On our way to the police station,  Aliyu (Maryam’s brother), Maryam’s mother and one policeman diverted to Maryam’s house.

When they diverted, one Alhassan told us that we should follow them to the house to find out what they were going to do. When we got there, we met the policeman and driver seating in the car. In the house, the mother and brother were upstairs. To our observation, the house looked normal as though nothing had happened

 “When we looked at where Bilyaminu prayed, there was a pair of slippers and praying mat. On a closer look, we discovered that the window blind had come down.” Then we saw them ( Maryam’s mother and brother) coming down the stairs with the baby.

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