Maryam Sanda: Nigerian police set to close its case after 6 witnesses

The Nigerian police have promised to close its case in the trial of Maryam Sanda on Monday, December 3, 2018.

After calling two witnesses to give evidence against Maryam Sanda on Wednesday, November 28, 2018, Mr Fidelis Ogbobe who is the counsel for the prosecution, told the court that he had just one more witness to call after which he would close his case.

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The fourth prosecution witness was Umar Muhammed, a driver working with the father of the deceased, narrated what happened on the day Bilayaminu was killed.

“In the morning around 5 am, I came back from prayers. One of the workers called me and told me that Bilyaminu was dead.”

“I left my house and went straight to my boss’s house (Bilyaminu’s father) at No. 1 Cassandra, Maitama, Abuja. When I entered the house, I did not meet anybody. I quickly made a call and I was told they were at the Maitama Police Station.”

“I went to the police station and met them there and we proceeded to the General Hospital, Maitama where we were given the corpse. We took Bilyaminu’s body to the Central Mosque, there the Islamic rites were performed. I saw some wounds on his body, one on the neck, another on the lap, on the chest and the last one on his right-hand side.”
Under cross-examination by counsel to the second, third and fourth defendants’ Hussein Musa, the witness said he could not tell who inflicted the injuries on the body of the deceased.

Justice Halilu adjourned the matter till December 3, for the prosecution to continue its defence.
Maryam Sanda was charged for his murder, alongside her mother, Maimuna Aliyu; her brother, Aliyu Sanda; and their house-help, Sadiya Aminu.

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