Lai Mohammed: Many will forget kidnapped Chibok girls when the effect of this video is over

Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, on Monday said the most recent video released by the Boko Haram terrorist brought back discussions of the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls, saying most people will move once the effect of the video is over.

“Most people will forget the issue of these girls as soon as the effect of this video is over but the government is daily working on it,” he said.

“Until the release of this video, the effort is not attracting any attention. But every day, the office of the NSA and others concerned are working on it.

“For us, it is not just because of the release of the video but because of our belief that there will be no final closure to Boko Haram until we are able to resolve the issue of these girls”

Mohammed maintained that the government was in touch with the sect, and explained that adequate steps were being taken to avoid engaging the wrong people.

“I am talking from a point of knowledge. It does not matter what other people say. I know that the government is in touch with the group,” he said.

“We are just being careful and cautious to ensure that we are talking to the right people, especially with the news that there is a split in the leadership.

“Until you are able to ascertain the authenticity of those you are talking to, you don’t go into details.

“But what is important is the safety and security of these girls. The thrust of my statement was to assure the nation that we are on top of the situation.

“We are not even just reacting to the video; we have gone far beyond the video in talking to the group already.”

Mohammed said the government appreciates the role played by Bring Back Our Girls Movement, but said a lot needs to be done behind the scenes.

“We appreciate their commitment to the return of these girls but there are few things we need to do behind the scenes,” he said. “What we are saying is that the government is committed to do everything to rescue these girls.”

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