Journalists attacked at #OsunRerun2018

Journalists attacked at #OsunRerun2018

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Suspected thugs attacked three journalists in Alekuwodo, Osogbo, where the rerun election is ongoing in Unit 17, Ward 5.

The journalists said they were on their way to the unit when the thugs attacked them.

The incident occurred at a junction near the polling unit which was cordoned off by security personnel.

The journalists, attached to Kaftan Television, said they wanted to get a situation report when the thugs struck.

Two of their cameras and a tripod were damaged.

One of the cameramen, Joel Chima, said a thug brought out a machete to attack him.

It took the quick intervention of a policeman who shot into the air to save him.

It was a close shave with death as the thugs descended on him; his lips were bloodied as he spoke with a shaky voice.

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