Humanitarian Aid Work: We are short of $14b- United Nations

The Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator for the UN system in Nigeria,Mr. Munir Safieldin has called for more humanitarian assistance for various intervention programmes of both the Federal and State Governments.

Mr Safieldin who made the call Wednesday at a media briefing  as part of activities to mark the World World Humanitarian Day  in Abuja, said  the United Nations was pushing for further humanitarian support mainly from international and local donors for those adversely affected and ravaged by the insurgency in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria.

According to Mr Munir Safieldin,the current figure of displaced persons in Nigeria due largely to the insurgency  is 1.5 million.

“Regrettably, Nigeria shares in over 100,000,000 million of those in dare need of humanitarian support globally, as a result of the insurgency in North-eastern part of the country. Thirty-seven countries are currently adversely affected by natural and man-made disasters globally, and $20 billion is needed to bridge the gap but $6 billion has been raised so far, leaving a deficit gap of $14 billion”he observed

“Currently, an estimated population of five million people in Nigeria are in dare need of the humanitarian aid, and 1.5 million people are completely displaced from their homes due largely to the activities of the insurgents.”An estimated 3.5 million people need food security and more shelter. Already nine percent is being supported with the needed humanitarian support by the host community and various other humanitarian supporters in the country”.

”We have over 400 humanitarian workers from the United Nations working in Nigeria to provide emergency humanitarian aid and support. We are glad to say none of our workers has been consumed by the insurgency in the North-east’he said.

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