Exclusive: Nigerian gay passenger tries to seduce taxi driver

The Nigerian law frowns at same sex relationship or marriage and it has become difficult for people to practice it even in hiding.

The former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed a bill in 2014 criminalizing same-sex relationships in Nigeria, despite pressure from Western governments to preserve the rights of gay, lesbian and bisexual people.

At about 6:23 am, this morning, a cab driver and a gay passenger were spotted lambasting one another opposite a total filling station in Wuse, Zone 4, around Febson Hotel.

The gay passenger usually dresses and move around as a lady especially at night in a bid to make both ends meet. According to him, he said this is his business;” I dey fuck for yansh, then they fuck me for yansh, Na man I be, Na my business”.

The cab driver, who simply identifies himself as Israel said “the guy stopped me, he told me I should take him to heritage and we agreed on N500 for the fare. Later he said he wanted to sit in the front and I allowed him.

At the front, he started touching me, he said everywhere dry, make I go feel you? I agreed to go with him to Zone 4, unknown to him I already knew he is a man. When we got to zone 4, he wanted to run then I grabbed him and he bit me in return.”

Their uproar attracted huge passersby that decided to intervene in the subject matter. Getting to discover what transpired between them, the angry crowd unleashed severe terror on him before the Nigerian Police came to rescue him.

According to Israel, while he was been hauled away, “He (gay passenger) talk say no minister wey no know am, say na only call I go make then go leave”

However, some human rights campaigners in Nigeria believed the growing acceptance of gay men and women in the country offers a seed of hope amidst of the 14 years imprisonment for perpetrators.

On the contrary, the body language of the Nigerian society depicts otherwise. Nigeria as it today is not ready for such sexual activities; when culprits are caught by angry mobs, they are usually been rescued by the Nigerian police after been clobbered severely.

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