Zuriel Oduwole: Girl education advocate presents 2017 DUSUSU award to Senegal first lady, Sall

Film Maker & Girl Education Advocate Zuriel Oduwole has presented the First Lady’s category of her DUSUSU Award to Her Excellency Mrs. Marieme Faye Sall at the Presidential Palace in central Dakar.

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The Award recognizes the continuous work and documented successes of African First ladies in their overall gender development initiatives, with an emphasis on Girls Education. By UN Statistics, Africa has one of the highest rates of out-of-school children in the word, with most of them being Girls.

These young Girls end up in early forced marriages, as young as 13 or 12 years old, because of the acceptance practices in their cultures. It is against this backdrop that the UN Secretary General established the International Day of the Girl in 2011, when Zuriel was just 9 years old. She launched her Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up project in early 2013 at the Pan Atlantic University at the age of 10 to encourage out of school Girls to Dream, and launched the DUSUSU Awards in 2014 to honor First Ladies making a measurable difference.





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