BREAKING: Charly Boy, #OccupyNASS lock down national assembly in protest

A team of protesters dub #OccupyNASS Unlimited in the early hours of November 15, 2016 stormed the National Assembly Complex and blocked the main entrance of the complex.

The situation lead to closure of gate which stalls movement in and out

of the legislative house.

The group which was headed by Retson Tedheke alongside Charly Boy gave an eight item demands as to why they are protesting. These are; that legislators budget must be opened, all arms of government must join TSA, Abolish Joint Account between state and local governments, stoppage of the amendment of the CCB/CCT Act, removal of immunity clause for president/vice president and governors/deputy governors, stoppage of constituency project and budget fraud, introduce death penalty for political corrupt persons, and scrappage of the senate.


The group vowed to remain at the legislative complex until their demands are met.

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