Aisha Buhari crowned ‘goodwill ambassador’ for Nutrition

The wife of the President of Nigeria, Hajia Aisha Muhammadu Buhari was
made the goodwill ambassador for Nutrition during the launch of the food
and Nutrition policy in Abuja on Tuesday.

Speaking at the event, the Chief of Health and Nutrition of World Bank,
Benjamin Loevinsohn commended the wife of the President for being the
champion of the course and urged Nigerians to emulate Mrs. Buhari.

He said for the policy to be turned into action for malnourished mother
and children as proposed there is a need for bold vision which Nigeria has
in the national food nutrition policy, persistence and good management is
important for aim of the policy to be achieved optimally.

He said it is not enough to make the commitment as persistence and hard
work should be inculcated to get things accomplished. He added that money
is very important to make the policy work.

Speaking also at the event, the President of Nutrition Society of Nigeria,
Ngozi Nnang said the malnutrition rate in Nigeria is alarming with
under-five mortality rate at 158 per 1,000 live births, prevalence of
stunting at 37%, underweight at 29% and wasting at 18% in children under
five years.

Nnang said: “Policy makers are not fully aware of the importance of
nutrition in national development and the heavy toll of malnutrition on
infants and young Nigerian children.”

“There is no budget line for nutrition in the Ministries, Departments and
Agencies to address nutrition issues in Nigeria.”

She also said there is no adequate circulation on nutrition in Nigeria and
that World Nutrition Day is not observed globally or in Nigeria even
though some nations observe nutrition day and month.

The wife of the President said: “It is quite distressing to know that in
Nigeria there are about 2.5 Million children suffering from malnutrition
with the record of 1,200 dying daily.”

“The percentage of stunted children in this country is the highest in
Sub-Sahara Africa. Also worrisome is the fact that Nigeria loses about 145
women on childbirth daily to issues related to malnutrition making Nigeria
is the second largest Contributor to under-five and maternal mortality in
the whole world.”

She said these form part of why she decided to launch her Get-involved
initiative to help combat these issues.

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