2019 Election: Aisha Buhari canvasses support for women candidacy

2019 Election: Aisha Buhari canvasses support for women candidacy

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Angered by the effect of drugs on Nigerian youths and the fragrant disregard for affirmative action by some Nigerian politicians, wife of the president, Aisha Buhari, has asked Nigerian women to say no to those politicians who have no respect for women and push youth into drugs for their personal gains.

Aisha stated this while addressing women political aspirants in Abuja on Thursday.

“There are certain politicians that people should say no to, after winning an election they relegate women.

“Politicians mostly men often use our children. they give them drugs for their selfish gain or for them to win elections. Recently, we learn that illicit drugs have done so much harm on our society to the extent that it wiped out an entire generation.”

According the First Lady, her strive is to see that Nigerian women demand not just 35 per cent but 50 from politicians. She said gone are the days when women swallow bitter pills without complaints.

“The time is over. Let’s sit together and see and see how we can get 35 per cent (affirmative action) or even 50 per cent.

“We must work very hard to see that certain things are not tolerated. We must take a stand on affirmative action and relegation of women to the back seat after elections, or being nepotistic.”

She reminded the women that politics is all about ideas and people with nepotistic tendencies must not be giving a space as politics is a thing of ideology.

Politics is all about ideas and ideology. You could be on different page with your biological child. I can get someone who believes in my ideology from Akwa Ibom and not necessarily from Adamawa.

On his part, President Buhari thanked Nigerian women over the support they gave him in 2015. Buhari said with the crowd that graced the event he believed the support he enjoyed in 2015 remain vibrant.
“Let me thank Nigerian women who had the confidence in me and voted for for me in 2015.
It is my hope that the confidence is still there. Seeing this gathering I am also confident that it means so.”

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