2019: 33-yr-old Simi Fajemirokun declares for Abuja Rep’s seat

2019: 33-yr-old Simi Fajemirokun declares for Abuja Rep’s seat

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Simi Fajemirokun, declares for Abuja Rep’s seat

33-year-old Fajemirokun has declared for the House of Representatives under the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2019 elections.

She is seeking the AMAC/Bwari federal constituency, one of the two seats allocated to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

A social entrepreneur, Simi declared for the office at the FCT secretariat of APC on Monday September 24.

“Let us send a message from FCT to the entire Nigeria that a generation has found its voice that we are not too young to run. We are not too young to stand because we are not here for ambition, and we are not here to be popular. We are here to serve, and we are here to bring government closer to the people.

“I’ve been seeing this at the ward level. My ward chairman is here…Politics is about service, it
is about putting our people first.”

In an interview with our correspondent, Simi said “It’s about time the youth generation has found its voice. I’m privileged to be one of the people that have been pushed to the forefront. I pray that more of us come to the forefront to represent our constituencies and demography and do better for our generation.

“I have over 20 years work experience in the private sector, in the development sector, and I’ve been political consultant for the past 10 year. I believe between those relationships, politics is about results and making things happen. I believe with relationship and guidance from our elders, I believe that we’ll be able to bring about real change that people can feel and touch.”

Addressing scores of her supporters at the venue, Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbe, said he was a friend to father of the contestant.

He urged members of the party in the FCT to support Simi’s ambition and ensure she achieve her dream.
According to him, the youth should be given opportunity by the party so enable them make meaningful contributions to the growth and development of the nation.

He said the APC remains a party to beat, and would continue to deliver dividends of democracy to the nation’s teeming population.

Ogbe said Abuja would have been overrun by the Boko Haram insurgents, but for the emergence of the APC, which dislodged Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015 elections.

He encouraged the party members in the city to form themselves into cooperative societies to enable them benefit from the APC-led government micro credits for farmers in the nation.

Speaking on some of the things he expects the aspirant to do if elected by her constituents, Ogbe said: “Many things have to be done in Abuja which have not been done yet. If you put a good representative, we’ll work together. One thing that is lacking here is public toilet. We should have them, and not mess around in the bush.”

He then spoke about his party’s efforts in tackling challenges faced by the nation: “If we have not been in government, by today, Boko Haram would have occupied this town. By today, this country’s finances would have been so bad that people would have been leaving Nigeria now as they are doing in Venezuela. Venezuela is a richer country than Nigeria, they are selling more oil, but they have very bad government. The place has collapsed. Two and a half million people have left Venezuela to go to Brazil and Colombia. Please, do everything you can to make sure APC come back in the coming elections.

“I know we have problems. No government can solve in three years problems that were created in 25 years. So, when Buhari is trying and they are complaining, we know there are difficulties, we know life is tough, but the amount of stealing that were going on in Nigeria before now, there is no how Nigeria would have lasted.

“That is why younger people coming in, asking us to support them, encourage us to support them. If you are not in government, you cannot know how government works. You will never know the problem of the civil service, the politicians, the people themselves. So, try young people. And, I assure you that if you give them support, we at the older level will definitely recognize them as those who will replace us,” Ogbe stated.

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